Housatonic Amateur Radio Club
Serving Connecticut for 27 years!


We will operate in the ARRL 10 meter contest Dec 10-11. Look for N1KT on the air!

The updated Winter Field Day rules have been published. We will operate in Winter Field Day January 28-29, 2023. Look for us on the air!

December 2-4 - ARRL 160 meter contest
December 10-11 - ARRL 10 meter contest
January 28-29, 2023 - Winter Field Day
March 4-5 ARRL DX SSB
March 25-26 CQ WPX SSB
May 6-7 New England QSO Party
May 27-28 CQ WPX CW Contest
June 10-12 VHF Contest
June 24-25 Summer Field Day
October 14 - Annular Solar Eclipse
April 8, 2024 - Total Solar Eclipse

Don't get caught below the KT boundary, rise above with N1KT

I am a marvelous housekeeper. Everytime I got divorced, I kept the house! - Zsa Zsa Gabor

President: David H. Schadlich, KB1LTW
Secretary Treasurer: Thomas W. Moyher, ESQ N1UNT
Technical Officer: Lawrence J. Reed, AB1JC
Youth Coordinator: Jennifer L. Coderre, N1ZZY
Director1: Dan Wright, N3DAW
Director2: Michael J. Miciukiewicz, K1MJM
Webmaster: David H. Schadlich, KB1LTW
Trustee: Gary T. Moyher, WE1M



The Housatonic Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1995 to foster the development of Amateur Radio and advanced Ham Radio operating techniques, both through theory and on the air practice. To provide a suitable environment of camaraderie and support within which members, spouses and their children can obtain a better understanding of amateur radio, gain a proficiency in the art of amateur radio, and to have some fun.

The Housatonic Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated club. We are active in 10-X International and are a member of SKCC. Details below in the QSL Info section.

We are W5YI and ARRL Certified Instructors and Volunteer Examiners. We teach and test. We are also active in contesting, high altitude Ballooning, Aerospace, STEM and mentoring students. We mentor students from two local Universities and a local High School.
We also include fun in everything we do.


"Direct Currents" is the official newsletter of the Housatonic ARC. It chronicles our club activities including contesting, awards, pictures and stories. Direct Currents is published quarterly.

Our Newsletters have been moved to our Members Only web page. Contact us via email link below if you wish to receive a sample copy of our newsletter.


Here is a photo library of HARC members contesting and other HARC events during 2022.
These photo docs are in PDF format.
Click on a link below.


Housatonic Amateur Radio Club
Stratford, Connecticut USA

QSL Info

Grid FN-31, CQ Zone 5, ITU Zone 8, Fairfield County, 10-X 67120, SKCC# 3980

QSL POLICY: If you wish to QSL, please send a QSL card to WE1M or NE1CU via US Mail. We will also honor the bureau for DX. An SASE is preferred but is not necessary. Our QSL card will quickly be sent back to you by US mail (or bureau).
QSL N1KT via WE1M, NE1CU or Bureau & we will gladly send our QSL card in return.

eQSL: We do QSL via eQSL. We would prefer you send your QSL cards via US Mail or Bureau, but we do upload contest contacts to eQSL.

LoTW: We currently do not QSL via LoTW. We are working with our members to have the ability to use LoTW, but currently we do not. Perhaps in the future.

Our previous call sign was KB1BRB. We will gladly QSL KB1BRB contacts.

To contact us by email: Click Here!

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