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President: Lawrence J. Reed, AB1JC
Secretary Treasurer: Thomas W. Moyher, ESQ N1UNT
Technical Officer: Michael J. Miciukiewicz, K1MJM
Youth Coordinator: Jennifer L. Coderre, N1ZZY
Director1: Kenneth E. Johnson, NE1CU
Director2: David H. Schadlich, KB1LTW
Webmaster: David H. Schadlich, KB1LTW
Trustee: Gary T. Moyher, WE1M


CSLI Image
Copyright © NASA STEM

The Undergraduate Student Instrument Package (USIP) is a NASA program through the Connecticut Space Grant Consortium, which is designed to expose undergraduate students to Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

CTSG Image

Club members are assisting University of Bridgeport students in a project to put an Arduino based computerized puppet (monkey) on a high altitude Helium balloon which will be launched to 30,000 feet. The 3-D printed "monkey" will be commanded from the ground, tracked by APRS and utilize downlink television so we can watch the "monkey" move and react to commands.

CSLI Image
Club member Larry AB1JC (center) with University of Bridgeport USIP students Ricky (left) and Xavier (right). On the table are robotic monkeys that will fly.
Ham Patch
Student designed USIP High Altitude Monkey (HAM) mission patch

To see a video of the USIP Monkey, click below (turn your speakers on)

For first flight pictures, click on the link below.
USIP First Flight Pictures

To see a video of the USIP Monkey Launch, click below (turn your speakers on)


New Horizons

There was a book signing by Dr. D. Grinspoon Planetary Biologist and Dr A. Stern, Principal Investigator for the New Horizons spacecraft which went to the planet Pluto in 2015 and Kuiper belt object 2014 MU69 in January 2019.
Yes, Pluto is a planet!
For pictures, click on the link below.
New Horizons Presentation

Discovery 1 Balloon Flight 2015

Discovery 1 was a flight to test out hardware, software, launch & recovery procedures and to train students in the art of high altitude balloon launching. Because of a cutdown mechanism failure, the balloon reached an altitude of almost 90,000 feet. Launched from Bridgeport CT, it was recovered the next day after having splashed down in the Peconic Bay of Long Island NY.
The Launch (movie courtesy Westport Astronomical Society)
The Launch (movie from Bob WD1M)
From 84,000 to 89,391 feet, and DOWN!
Movie by University of Bridgeport (very nice)

Light APRS Image
Larry AB1JC holds our next payload (light aprs)


LOGO Image
DISCOSAT-1 CubeSat Satellite Mission Patch

per Ardua ad Astra

The Housatonic Amateur Radio Club is working in conjunction with the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport and the University of Bridgeport on building a CubeSat satellite to be launched into space. NASA has okayed the Discovery Museum's proposal and will manifest our DISCOvery museum SATellite (DISCOSAT-1) when ready. We are currently working to produce this satellite for Earth Observation and Education.
When launched we expect our satellite to be delivered to the International Space Station. Team members will then work with the astronauts on board the ISS to launch DISCOSAT-1.
Additionally, we are building a web page here for the CubeSat.

Our Team

David Mestre, KB1YYJ, Discovery Museum, Principal Investigator
Dr. Jani Pallis, KC1MHU, University of Bridgeport, Technical Lead
Michael Miciukiewicz, K1MJM, Mechanical Engineering
Larry Reed, AB1JC, Electrical Engineering & Software Engineering
Gary Moyher, WE1M, Chemical Engineering & Software Engineering
Sam Xuan Zhang, KC1HOD, Electrical Engineering & Hardware
David Schadlich, KB1LTW, Hardware & Software
Ken Johnson, NE1CU, Electrician & Networking
Ned Bassick, KA1CVv, Electronics & Hardware

CSLI Image
Discovery Museum's CubeSat Poster

June, 2018: HARC members, as part of the Univ of Bridgeport & Discovery Museum team, visited Dr. Carl Brandon and Dr. Peter Chapin at Vermont Technical College's CubeSat Laboratory.
Photos of Our Trip to Vermont Technical College CubeSat Lab
Dr Brandon from Vermont Technical College visits UB in September 2018

VTC CubesatNMI
Vermont Technical College's CubeSat Satellite

Go To Vermont Technical College CubeSat Lab web page
Vermont Technical College CubeSat Lab

CubeSat Vendors

We have chosen Clyde Space to build our hardware and Bright Ascension for our Flight Software Development tools. The ISS Astronauts will deliver our CubeSat to earth orbit using the NanoRacks delivery system.

Clyde Space-Glosgow
Bright Ascension CubeSat Flight Software Development Tools
NanoRacks CubeSat Delivery System

Pumpkin Space- Colorado
Gom Space-MN

Check the Skys

How good are the seeing conditions today?
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Commander Dave

Commander Dave
Dave KB1YYJ as Commander Dave in Mission Discovery series

The Discovery Museum is now producing a Science show for youngsters entitled, "Mission: Discovery" starring our own club member, David Mestre KB1YYJ. This wonderful show is designed for youngsters between the ages of 5 and 12. We highly recommend this show and urge parents to watch with their children.
Episode 1 The Moon
Episode 2 Spacesuits

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